Wholesale FAQs

Ordering From Us


Q. How do I place an order?

A. To submit an order, you need to make your selection through our website by using our wholesale cart.


Step 1: Begin by browsing through our wholesale products list.

Step 2: Select your product.

Step 3: Customize your product based on the choice given for each item by selecting color, model, and size.

Step 4: Add to your wholesale cart. Make sure you select quantity desired.

Step 5: Repeat Steps 2 through 4 for all your interested products.

Step 6: When ready to ask for your price list, go back to your wholesale cart and follow instructions by filling the template with your company details.


Our team is dedicated to serve our clients 24/24. Please expect 24-48 hours to receive a full detailed quote with price, minimum order quantity, and production lead time for each of your chosen products.


Q. How do I get a catalog?

A. Our entire wholesale catalog is available online. You can also request an online catalog per category by contacting us through our contact us page. Please make sure you indicate which category you want.


Q. Can I access your wholesale prices?

A. Currently, we can only give you pricing when you use our wholesale cart. It is company policy that we do not distribute price lists.


Q. Is there a minimum order quantity (MOQ) per product?

A. Keshmara Designs has a minimum order for each product.  After our team receives your wholesale inquiry, a detailed quote will be sent to you, which includes MOQ per product.


Q. Can you ship smaller orders than MOQ?

A. If you are a small or new business that wants to order smaller amounts of each of our products as a start, it is possible that we accept a mixed order with fewer minimums.


Q. Can I order a sample?

A. Yes it is possible to order samples prior to making your importation. You will need to send us your carrier account such as DHL or FEDEX in order to receive our samples.


Q. Can I order custom colors and sizes?

A. Besides our wide selection of colors and sizes available to you, we do provide custom orders to our clients.



Packaging Our Products


Q. What type of packaging is used?

A. Corrugated brown carton boxes are used for packaging all our products. These boxes are packed on a wooden pallet or wooden box pallet for maximum storage and security.


Q. Is it possible to choose my own packaging methods?

A. Yes it is possible to custom make your own packaging at an extra cost.


Q. Do you offer OEM and Private Labeling?

A. We do offer our clients the option to have their company logo engraved on most of our products or just placed on the outside package.


Q. Is it possible to add shipping marks to my packages?

A. Shipping marks can be added to the packages or to the products themselves.





Shipping Our Products


Q. Do you handle shipping?

A. Since our terms of sale is FOB, we take responsibility of your goods up until the Port of Casablanca with no additional charges. Our clients who are familiar with trade have the option of working with their own shipping company. Keshmara Designs provides the total volume and total weight of the merchandize  and handles the logistics with your freight forwarder.


In the case where you are not familiar with shipping, we do have our own freight forwarder who can handle and take care of the entire shipping process for you up to your customs.


Q. What is your loading port in Morocco?

A. Loading Port: Port of Casablanca, Morocco


Q. If  you are handling shipping for us, at what stage can you tell us the approximate shipping costs to our destination?

A. Shipping costs are based on volume and weight of your entire order. Therefore, they can be provided to you only once you complete your entire selection of products.


Q. I have never imported before and do not have a transit company. Is it possible that you handle our shipping?

A. We do help our clients with shipping and handling of all paperwork from small orders to larger container orders. In this case, we will provide you with a shipping quote and include it in the invoice.


Q. How much time does it generally take for shipping?

A. Shipping depends on the destination and what method you use.

If you choose a full container, it generally takes between 20-32 days and depends on the final destination.

If you choose air shipping, it takes 48h for transit time.


Q. What are shipping costs for a full container vs. shipping costs for less than a container?

A. A full container has a fixed rate which only depends on total volume but not on weight, whereas if you choose less than that, you will have a rate based on the total volume and weight. If you choose to order only a few pallets, it will always be cheaper than getting your own container of course. However, the more pallets you choose, even though it doesn’t reach the maximum pallets that a container holds (which is between 11-13 pallets), the closer the shipping rate reaches the container price. Therefore, Keshmara Designs is here to recommend to you the best option for your needs.


Q. Do you package and ship directly from Morocco?

A. All our merchandize is made, packed, and shipped from Morocco.


Q. Can we add insurance to our order?

A. If you choose to insure your products, you will need to ask your shipping company to handle this for you. However, if we are in charge of your shipment, we can provide full insurance coverage for you.


Q. If there are breakages during shipping, can you replace the products?

A. We provide the best packaging for your merchandize. All goods are well packaged in brown corrugated boxes and palletized in wooden box pallets so that there is no breakage. For container orders, your merchandise is also safely palletized in wooden pallets and safely loaded into the container.


We do not experience any breakage due to our professional packaging methods. Therefore, we do not replace breakages and cannot replace products. Insurance can be added if desired by the client.


Q. What is your return policy?

A. All returns must be sent prepaid at customer’s expense unless prior agreements have been made. Please contact us for a return authorization and return address.

All returns and exchanges must be made within 7 days of the receipt date.