About us


Passion and Innovation for the Moroccan Handicraft Industry.

That’s Keshmara Designs.  


Unlike our Competitors, We Make Our Own Product

Keshmara Designs is a wholesale export and design company headquartered in Casablanca, Morocco. We are an exporter of quality furniture and home decor. Our focus is to create outstanding solutions for our clients while integrating designs inspired by cultures of Morocco. We work with the finest craftsmen in the country to create exquisite handicrafts. These include wood furniture, leather goods, ceramics, silverware, brassware, textiles, home lighting, and other Moroccan home decor items. Our collection is made entirely by hand and is exclusive to Keshmara Designs.


The New Look That Others Will Follow

Our design style is characterized by a harmonious blend of oriental concepts infused in a contemporary style. Our products have a look that blends perfectly well in a fashionable venue. The result is a relaxed interior that reflects a setting full of charm, class, and serenity.


You Design it, We Make it

Besides our collection of products, we offer our customers the ability to customize their own designs for every product that we sell. Our craftsmen are talented designers who are able to respond to the needs of our clients and add special customization during the production of the final design. We also offer our clients a new concept of choosing their customized products directly from our website which makes it an efficient way to select and receive instant wholesale pricing to your destination. 

We design, pack, and deliver anywhere in the world!

Keshmara Designs combines different artisans in all levels of the Moroccan Handicraft industry. We have the expertise necessary to deliver your products in a safely packaged and professional manner anywhere in the world in a matter of days.