The Moroccan “Al Ghalib” Tray

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The beautiful hand-engraved brass tray is a must in every Moroccan home. It can be used as a tray or as a plate depending on the size chosen. It can also be placed on either a tabletop or ottoman. Hand-made by skilled craftsmen, the result reflects a tray that has a special antique touch.

-       Hand-engraved

-       Silver-plated

-       Originates from Fez, Morocco


Dimensions Available

Inches      Centimeters     

4"                   10cm

6"                   15cm

8"                   20cm

10"                 25cm

12"                  30cm

14"                  35cm

16"                  40cm

18"                  45cm

20"                  50cm

24"                  60cm

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